Joyce Meyer Daily Devotional Mar 22 2019

Harmony’s Sweet Sound

One day while I was teaching at a church, God gave me a great picture of what it looks like to live in unity with each other.

First, I asked the entire worship team to return to the platform, and then I requested them to sing and play a song of their choice. I knew, of course, that they would all choose a different song because I hadn’t given any direction on what song to play. As they sang and played, the sound was horrible! There was no harmony, because they were each doing their own thing. Then I asked them all to sing and play “Jesus Loves Me.” It sounded sweet, soothing, and wonderfully comforting.

Disunity is like noise in God’s ears. But when we live in harmony, we produce a sweet sound. When we learn the value of each other and begin to work together in unity, God blesses our efforts (see Psalm 133:1-3), and we become a force to be reckoned with!

Prayer Starter: Father, I’m so grateful for the people You’ve put in my life. Thank You for giving me the patience and wisdom I need to live in harmony with them, so our lives can be a sweet sound to You. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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