Joyce Meyer Daily Devotional Oct 01 2020

There’s Strength in Praise

There is tremendous power in praise. We gain more and more strength, our faith increases, and the enemy’s attacks that are coming against us are destroyed as we praise God. Enjoying good praise and worship music is one of many tools we have access to that can help us live in an atmosphere of praise.

Every time we have an opportunity—even a minute or two while walking through a parking lot into a store, or waiting in line to pay for an item—take the moment to thank and praise God. After a while, praise becomes so natural that it flows out of us constantly, without having to consciously think about it. We find ourselves singing and thanking God as an automatic response to our awareness of His goodness, mercy, and grace… and experience His strength and presence like we never thought possible.

Prayer Starter: Father, help me grow into such a place of maturity that my natural reaction in each moment is praise. Thank You that I can always look to You to take care of me instead of dwelling on the cares and worries of the world… I’m so grateful for Your presence and power in my life. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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